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Designing the interior of your custom-built home

Posted on Monday, December 30th, 2013 at 7:38 pm    

Home construction provides you the avenue to design the interior of your custom-built home in a manner that suits your taste and fits your budget. For a new homeowner and a creative, budget-conscious interior designer like you, here are some tips that can help you design your home while saving money:

  • Kitchen and bath cabinets and counter tops – These are quite simple to remove and install, so buying low-cost cabinets might be cost effective, especially if you are looking to replace all of the cabinets/counter tops.
  • Floor finishes – Floor finishes are also easier to remove. You can buy less-expensive floor finishes first and upgrade them when funds are available or when you decide to change your interior’s motif.
  • Exterior finishes of walls, windows and doors – Exterior finishes should be considered non-disposable, so it is necessary to choose the best quality that your budget can afford. For instance, many choose genuine wood over plastic for shingle sidings.

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